Featured as one of the four artists behind the Vai e Vem / Back and Forth exhibition of 2016, recommended by Canadian Art magazine as a must-see exhibition:

“a unique, perhaps impossible to “code” into words, experience. Go and seek it out.”
~ Review by Bart Gazzola on MacDonald’s Sewer Music: part of the In The Soil festival, 2016.

Featured by Canadian Art magazine in 2014 for his work as part of the 5 over 4 exhibition at Cambridge Galleries in 2014:

“Duncan’s goal, with much of his work, is to encourage audiences to re-think the very means by which they approach art, and in turn, question their assumptions concerning perception and subjectivity.” ~ Artist profile on the Blackwood Gallery feature on the multidisciplinary Running With Concepts: The Sonic Edition event, 2013.

Showcased alongside Janis Demkiw and Corwyn Lund on the Blackwood Gallery website as part of the 2011 exhibition The Good Host:

“[MacDonald’s] artistic production is in many ways humorous, almost mischievous, and certainly playful. In a nutshell, his videos and sound installations are expertly engineered inventions based on dreamy observations, poetical perceptions, and imaginative geniality.” ~ Review of Little Revolutions, an exhibition of work by Duncan MacDonald presented at Rodman Hall Art Centre through Fall, 2010. Click to download an excerpt in PDF format.

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Mnemonic Devices: The Persistence of Memory

Mnemonic Devices: The Persistence of Memory

Mnemonic Devices Catalogue as PDF